Me at the first Gathering of Generatie M © De Fotomeisjes

© De Fotomeisjes

This is me. This photo represents the duality of my life. On the right you have minimalism. Peace. Silence. But I choose to be on the left. Watching, analyzing, judging while being judged by others. Empty chairs on the side lines, mocking my bare calves. A wine glass is being warmed up by my clammy hands. It’s my third already and I’m dreaming about the fifth glass. People are talking to me but instead of listening to what they say, I just see their lips moving in slow motion while their pretentious prejudices are going in my left and leaving my right ear. Why won’t they shut up? I feel trapped. Every sound is being amplified by the acoustics.  My boots make quite some noise on the hard floor. I try to mask my tramping which results in an awkward, silly walk that makes me conscious about my years as an insecure adolescent in high school when my motor skills were less refined. I just have to stand still then, like rotting plants in a swamp.

Oh great, only one minute has just passed.