Parisian gastronomy

Parisian gastronomy

Top 5 Parisian gastronomy: bars and restaurants

Parisian gastronomy is world famous. Actually, some historians say that Paris is the birthplace of the Haute Cuisine. The process that made France a culinary world of its own began in 1651 with the publication of Le Cuisinier français by François Pierre La Varenne. The first cookbook that systematized basic cooking techniques and recipes. People began to see cooking and eating as something that had to do with sophistication instead of something they needed. Since then, terms like exquisite, refined and delicate are associated with the French cuisine and has become an integral part of the good (French) taste. In a city where the Burgundian lifestyle is kindled at an early age, it should come as no surprise what I did half the time I was in Paris… Savourer un bon repas! À table!

Forget about the Michelin Guide and the GaultMillau, here comes my top 5 best bars and restaurants!

Boire a paris

1. Gabrielle, 70 avenue de Villiers (17ème)

The name of this restaurant immediately reminded me of the CHANEL Winter 2015 Paris fashion show that took place in a pop-up restaurant called Brasserie Gabrielle. Whereas Brasserie Gabrielle had a very classic French interior design, Gabrielle is its modern variant that mixes traditional bistro elements with the allure of the Haussmann apartments. This place is my ultimate number one favourite bistro in Paris! It opened 2 months ago and I ate the best CANARD in my life! Plus, with a motto like this quote of the French chansonnier Georges Brassens on the window… This place felt like my second dining room:

Le meilleur vin n’est pas nécessairement le plus cher, mais celui qu’on partage.

2. LOUP, 44 Rue du Louvre (1er)

Look at that interior! All these fabulous decorations! WANT! I even wanted to take the menu card with me to frame it! A French brasserie in tropical vibes including a stuffed flamingo. On top of this, they have a separate corner with rotisserie styled chickens! LOUP is the perfect spot to have a coffee and take a break during the shopping hysteria in the center of Paris.

3. Fratelli, 130 Boulevard Malesherbes (17ème)

Near Parc Monceau you will find this delicious Italian restaurant called Fratelli. For those who do not know a single word of Italian, Fratelli means brothers. So, this Cucina Italiana will probably be run by: Italian brothers ;) Their Osso Buco, a traditional Italian meat stew pot, is outstanding! You can expect BIG portions, a stylish and manly atmosphere, extremely friendly waiters and a lot of locals! Fantastico!

4. Au Vieux Paris, 24 Rue Chanoinesse (4ème)

A typical French restaurant with a cuisine that’s inspired by the southwest of France. It’s located in a street next to the Notre Dame, so a perfect stop after a visit to that amazing French Gothic cathedral. It is said to be the oldest restaurant (depuis 1594) in Paris. From the outside, this place looks like a bohemian paradise with purple flip-up seats, green climbing plants on the facade and decorative parrots in the window opening. Inside, the decor makes you revive past times: Velvet chairs, silk wallpaper and ceiling draperies in the same burgundy color including some fleur-de-lys patterns. Feels like magic!

5. Pierre Hermé, various locations

Because there’s no Patisserie Linnick in Paris… ;)

Pierre Hermé