Tiles Corridor Hallway, Palácio de Queluz ©MLVB

Palácio Nacional de Queluz

Baroque to the top

The location of this extremely cool palácio is around 15 minutes from Lisbon. Here, literally everything breathes the Portuguese history of the 18th and 19th century. Palácio Nacional de Queluz was built around 1747 under the leadership of Mateus Vicente de Oliveira and was used as a summer residence of Dom Pedro III. The building is considered as a typical example of Portuguese architecture. Along with its impressive collection, the palace reflects the taste of the noble courts of the 18th and 19th centuries, including baroque, rococo and neoclassical pieces.

Tiles Corridor Hallway, Palácio de Queluz ©MLVB

Tiles Corridor Hallway. The tile panels represent the four seasons, the four continents, scnenes from classical mythology, singeries, chinoiseries and hunting scenes ©MLVB

The Throne Room, Palácio de Queluz ©MLVB

The Throne Room. The stateliest room in the palace. Its construction began in 1768 after King Pedro’s marriage to his niece, the future Doña Maria I ©MLVB

A painting of Pedro III in Palácio de Queluz ©MLVB


Palácio de Queluz: painted ceilings ©MLVB

Painted ceilings everywhere! ©MLVB

Wallpaper in Palácio de Queluz ©MLVB


Garden of Palácio de Queluz ©MLVB

A little dance in front of my new casa ;) ©MLVB

Palácio de Queluz
Largo Palácio de Queluz
2745-191 Queluz

Opening hours
Until March 28: Daily from 9AM till 5.30PM
From March 29 until October 24: Daily from 9AM till 7PM