MOOB Design by Nature ©MOOB

MOOB Design by Nature

MOOB, the reversed word of boom which means tree in Dutch, is a design label that’s specialized in creating wood slices. All the slices are made of common oak wood (Quercus Robur) derived from different Dutch forests.

The wood is sustainably sourced from trees which are deforest by natural disasters, such as storms, diseases or in order of conservation programs. After this the discs have to lie out in open air to dry. This process takes a couple of months because if they dry too quick they will burst and if it takes too long they mold. By placing the discs under the right conditions, it creates the characteristic crack on one side.

The end result is a tree slice that can serve as a cheeseboard, candle tableau or just for decoration. Or, in my case, you put it on a stool and voilà: you have a side table. So, pimp your home, make your own MOOB Design by Nature table with these wooden tree slices and order them at

Side table MOOB Design by Nature ©MLVB