C • T coffee & coconuts and the Crazy Years

HOTSPOTTED: C • T coffee & coconuts in Amsterdam

Ultimate green palm trees, fresh coconuts and in your imagination (or at least in mine) you see monkey’s swinging around on the ropes which in fact are holding the tables up. Big wave surfing à la Chasing Mavericks down the stairs, BAM! Good and sunny holiday vibrations are coming your way in the middle of Amsterdam’s De Pijp: C • T coffee & coconutsThis place is one BIG chill spot and also one with an AMAZING and impressive historic component which is exactly what I deeply ADORE. Especially the ones which date back to my favorite era ever: the ROARING 20’s! I visited this place last week for the first time and the next day… I went back again. COME WITH ME and let’s have a look inside this marvelous Art Deco building!

The Amsterdam School style during les années folles

Art Deco, Frances Scott & Zelda, jazz, Coco, flapper, Man Ray, Al Capone, swing, fringe, blingabing! This national monument at the Ceintuurbaan 282-284 was designed in 1912 by Rotterdam born architect Willem Noorlander (1877-1940) and Gerrit A. van Arkel (1885-1918) and opened its doors in 1921. The building served as a movie theater called Ceintuur Theater (that explains the C • T in the name) which was known by the locals as ‘t Stinkertje (Dutch translation for something like Little Stinker) because the visitors were less chic and elegant as the visiting public of other renowned theaters in Amsterdam (and it probably stank inside because of bad ventilation). In 1976 the movie theater closed its doors.

The Ceintuur Theater has architectural elements of the expressionistic Amsterdam School style, like the staggered facade. The sculptural and tubular shaped lamps, conical elements and the rakish lettering on the ironwork shields trace back to the Art Deco, a style period which intertwined geometric and natural forms. Whereas all Amsterdam School buildings were made of bricks, this expressive building was completely made up in concrete. Thanks to this, Noorlander didn’t had to insert columns to support the theater’s balcony. In this way every moviegoer could see the screen in its full glory.

Entrance ct coffee & coconuts

Jungle Book. Location: De Pijp, Amsterdam

Although De Pijp district in Amsterdam can sometimes be seen as a jungle in itself, this bar is seriously the real deal… In a more positive sense of the word JUNGLE. On the streets life rushes by in speed tempo, but the minute you enter this building the aura of the loose 1920s welcomes you. Rough natural materials combined with soft tints, textures and green plants give you a zen state of mind, even when it’s crowded.

Interior CT Coffee & Coconuts © Rappange & Partners

© Rappange & Partners

The construction measures 12 meter in height, has three storeys and a mezzanine on the first floor. While entering the building you immediately see the enormous bar with fresh fruits on it and a super large table (LOVE!) placed in front of it. Every floor has different types of chairs and tables, mainly from the collection of the Amsterdam based design studio Atelier Sukha. An extra exotic feeling is created at the upper floors which are filled with beanbags and (hanging) plants. Tropical paradise at the top level of this big urban beach shack. I’m only waiting for the pink flamingos to come over!

Entree CT coffe coconuts © Rappange & Partners

STAINED GLASS (!!!!) © Rappange & Partners

If you look closely you see some of the old architectural details inside, like the stained glass (that design from the 1920s is in my opinion the best of the best!) in the facade, the attic windows and the tiles on the walls. The pop icons photo’s of the famous photographer Claude Vanheye (who had an impressive retrospective exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum in 2012) on the walls ensure C • T’s wanted funky vibe! Nice to know: they’re all for sale!

Interior CT coffee coconuts

Frank Zappa & John Lennon got your back! Pop icons collection of Claude Vanheye

First floor CT coffee coconuts

Love that BIG ass table on the ground floor!

Pancakes, eggs, salad and a DODO, please!

After seeing the extensive menu for breakfast, lunch AND diner my head almost exploded: I’ll take the spicy and fresh chicken salad sandwich. Okay, no wait…. The scrabled eggs… I’m not in the mood for salads… But the lemon and mango poppy muffin isn’t a bad option either… When I went back the next morning it was the same (old I cannot choose) story: I’ll take the full CT breakfast. Actually no, maybe that’s too much for now… I’ll take the coconut pancakes with forest fruits… Or the French toasted brioche. You know what… Why don’t we share? Was the final answer to my friends question what I wanted to order. Too many GOOD choices and all made in co-operation with local food makers.

Lunch CT Coffee & Coconuts

Sourdough with Scrambled eggs, avocado, miso paste, crumbled feta, cheese, dried black olives and some drops of olive oil! YUMMIE!

The text inside the menu says it wants the visitor to have the relaxing vibe of a holiday break. Well done C • T coffee & coconuts! You’ve got me right where you want me to be: in my ultimate Club Tropicana drinks are freeeee vibe, while drinking that beer called DODO which is especially crafted for C • T by the Amsterdam beer brewery Oedipus (as a real Burgundian from Brabant I always take a comprehensive look at the alcoholic part of the menu). Pack your bags and let’s book a never ending all-inclusive voyage to this HOTSPOT.

C • T coffee & coconuts
Ceintuurbaan 282-284
1072 GK Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 35 41 104

Opening hours
Mon – Fri from 7AM till 23PM
Sat – Sun from 8AM till 23PM