Well hello, Big Apple!

Dear Big Apple, how is it possible that once you enter your territory… You’re HOOKED! I mean, New York, come on! That architecture, the arts, the positive vibe e-ve-ry-where.. And WHOLE FOODS (where are you in Amsterdam!? I.MISS.YOUUU.)! Yep, it was my first time in the City That Never Sleeps and thanks to that I’m often bothered by insomnia because of the voices in my head saying:

Marilyn (better get used to my American name asap right?), you need to go back (with Thomas of course), find a job (incl. an appartment in a cast-iron building) and live happily ever after!

Sweet dreams are made of this…

Skyscrapers New York

Skyscrapers haaaaalleluja!

Watch and learn from the New Yorkers

I can now give you a whole list of “places to go in New York”, but there are too many cool things to do in the Capital of the Universe and those certainly not always include the mega famous museums or fancy restaurants. Watch and learn from (or ask) the people on the streets instead. Want to get an idea of what we did? Come on, I’ll give you a quick tour starting with: the food (to wander on foot, he he)!

New York view


Most of the time we bought our breakfast at Whole Foods Market. A bit expensive but hey: Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet (their slogan), meaning their products are organic ánd NOMNOM! This place is the absolute BOMB! The result of this is that I don’t dig doing groceries in the Netherlands anymore. And yes, I digged that. We went to the store at Columbus Circle where they have an in-store dining so you can immediately eat your bought brekky. Plus, NO TOURISTS!

Wholefoods NYC

Hello salad bar and yoghurt bar and pasta bar and… one broccoli for $4,99 (not so cool). They even prepared a fully stuffed omelette for you in the store! Oh, and they literally sell BIG apples ;).

Other wonderful breakfast places are The Bagel Store (OMG, rainbow bagels) and New York Muffins, both on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


We got a tip to go to Jeffrey’s Grocery because apparently they had the best pancakes in town. I’m not a mega pancake specialist, but I must say that these were the best I have ever eaten and like everything in the USA: it was way too much! Wow! If I could give you just one tip… Please try them, but one portion is enough for two.


Pancakes with concord grape jelly, glazed peanuts and peanut butter mouse! Maybe you don’t see it on the photo but these pancakes where HUGE, filling, but oh so good!

Also try to just walk into a random bistro on the corner. Most of the time the inside looks hideous, but the food is often fantastic. For example, we went to Bistro Market Place (125 Park Avenue). The interior was terribly ugly, but I ate the best crab (no not crap) wrap ever! Finally I found a wrap that’s actually filled with the indicated ingredients instead of a bunch of lettuce leaves and one miserable crab stick.

Brooklyn Brewery

Me, my friends… and my favorite Avelon jeans (that was actually a MEGA hit in NYC!).

As an avid beer drinker: don’t forget to drink enough! We stopped by at the Brooklyn Brewery. Not the best beer (sorry guys, we Dutchies are just spoiled with great beer brands), but a great venue and ambiance.


Spicy Village (68 Forsyth S) in Chinatown! YUM! The interior is as basic as can be but the food is finger licking good. Homemade steamed dumplings (thé BEST), Pancake with beef (yummmm), Egg & Tomato Hui Mei (Qué? Well, it was extremely tasty)! We ran into another very good Asian kitchen on 126 North 6th street (Brooklyn) called Ramen Yebisu. This Japanese restaurant is a little gem and their Ramen (noodle soups) are to die for! Choppy chopsticks!

Dudley NYC

Dudes at Dudleys

We had some drinks at Dudleys (85 Orchard St), a spot where I immediately felt at home: Iron NYC meets taverns from North-Brabant (yes, that province in the South of the Netherlands). If the food tastes as good as it looked like, I’m going to eat here next time! For a more Mediterranean cuisine we went to Aria Wine Bar (117 Perry St). This is a well-known and intimate Italian restaurant with great Italian tapas. The risotto with clams and Osso Buco… Mmmm bello! Best dessert? Peanutbutter M&M’s. Thanks for the tip friend with the same name Marjolein aka Sneakers & Smoothies. This photo is for you :)

"Dear visitors of M&M world. Mellow Yellow is entering the building and ready to take pictures with you.."

“Dear visitors of M&M’s World, Mellow Yellow is entering the building and totally ready to take pictures with you!” Oh my… #nominionbutalsoyellow

Of course don’t forget to eat a big fat hot dog and drink beer during a basketball game, but more about that later… Because my story about my new love (shared first place with Paris) NYC is far from finished!

x Marilyn Lambs of Neighbors ;)

NYC by Night

No caption needed…