Bali Hai: the Seminyak & Ubud experience

Bali Hai: the Seminyak & Ubud experience

Bali: the final destination of our Asian tour

Last weekend, Bali came to my mind. The Dutch days are slowly getting brighter and so is my mood and energy level. I’m done with this rainy winter, so I held a big spring cleaning in my casa. When I checked my Facebook, some memories popped up including a post of the day that Thomas and I bought our tickets to Malaysia two years ago. Which reminded me of two things: First, what will be my next intercontinental holiday destination? And second, why didn’t I finish my last piece about this incredible Asian trip? I don’t like to leave a job half done, so it’s time to take you with me to our last stop: BALI!

Pondok Pundi Ubud Bali

The trip

Kuala Lumpur
Malacca change of plans
Cameron Highlands
Kota Bharu change of plans
Pulau Perhentian Besar

Malaysian Borneo
Kota Kinabalu change of plans
Sandakan change of plans
Sipadan change of plans


Kuala Lumpur

Seminyak: Massages, klaxons and a Smurf cottage

For those who read my Asian travel guide (check the content in the links above), must have noticed that the weather was pretty bad during my Malaysian holiday. So instead of traveling to the east of Malaysian Borneo, Thomas and I rescheduled our flight to somewhere sunny and cloudless. AirAsia brought us to Denpasar (Bali), from where we continued our trip to Seminyak.

Our accommodation? A 65 square meter bungalow of Hotel Vila Lumbung, or Smurf Cottage as we called it. Fantastic! Apart from a trip to Ubud, we stayed here (better to say: the bar IN the swimming pool) the whole week!

Hotel Vila Lumbung bungalow

Our own Smurf cottage! The bungalow was divided into two appartement and we had the upper one!

Looking for an intimate and stylish spot to wine and dine for a reasonable price? Go to Olive (address: Jalan Petitenget 880)! Great food and an extensive wine list. Want to go somewhere bigger? Cross the street and go to Potato Head! OMG! I still long for their Wagyu burger and they have (together with Ku de Ta) the most amazing sea view, but in both cases: don’t forget to take a hefty wallet.

Oh, and for the Dutchies (and all you who do like the Dutch delicacies), go to Café Bali. This restaurant has Dutch owners and serves our famous bitterballen and vlammetjes! Now, who doesn’t want that?!

Hotel Vila Lumbung Bali Hai and the swimming pool

Bali Hai! My o my, this whole setting was so good! Or as we in Holland would say: Niets meer aan doen!

The only serious disadvantage of Seminyak was that the streets were way TOO crowded. And by that I don’t mean the tourists, but the cars. Especially the cabs. While walking down the Seminyak streets, there wasn’t a single moment that I didn’t hear a cab driver sounding its klaxon to let you know he was available. HELLO, If I want a cab I’ll get one! But I don’t, so byeeee! TOOOOOT! #annoying

Whirlpool Hotel Vila Lumbung

Carrot tanned me in a whirlpool. Nothing more, nothing less. Can I go back now?

Luckily there are enough ways to find some peace and stillness in this area. Next to our chill bill hotel, we went to Febri’s Spa in Kuta (south of Seminyak). Look at the Spa menu, and you’ll understand why you need to go there.

Ubud: Carrot smoothies, rice fields and monkeys

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Ubud

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Ubud

Mother and child, Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud

True love <3

Next to Seminyak, we went to Ubud for two days to check out the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary and the rice fields. We did a little road trip with the most amazing Balinese/English/Spanish tour guide named Gusti Ngurah Puja (mail address in link)! Please contact him if you want to go site seeing Ubud and surroundings AND learn more about the Balinese culture! He told us many stories and guided us in his golden (!!!) Mercedes minibus to the rice fields, coffee and spice garden and drove us back to Seminyak the next day! YEEY!

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Ubud

Again, we had the most amazing hotel called: Pondok Pundi Village Inn! The richly decorated houses (including temples) are located in a traditional Balinese compound. It’s a peaceful spot to relax, take a swim and in front of the hotel there is a restaurant called Icip Icip that serves great Asian foods and delicious smoothies (try the carrot one) for lunch. Go to Ibu Rai (Address: Jalan Monkey Forest 72) to taste the Balinese flavors and enjoy the open dining area surrounded by flowers and plants.

Ganesha Pondok Pundi

Ganesha, the Hindu God of knowledge, new beginnings and wisdom. Plus, it’s the patron of travelers.

Pondok Pundi Village Inn view

Pondok Pundi Village Inn. The swimming pool was in front of our ‘house’ with a jungle view <3

Back to reality

After a week of chilling in the sun, swimming lapses in the warm water and enjoying good food and better drinks (Bali Hai!), it was time to head back to Kuala Lumpur to catch our flight to Amsterdam. Bali was a great island to finish our (sometimes too fully planned) Asian travelings! We will definitely come back to finish our initially planned trip through Borneo. For now: Sampai jumpa!

Amsterdam back home from Bali

Brown and satisfied. Time to make new travel plans <3